SMX accelerates your cloud transformation – securely, efficiently, and effectively

SMX delivers on the promise of cloud with a focus on accelerating transformation—securely, efficiently, and effectively. We’ve been driving cloud modernization since the earliest days, and that experience translates to unmatched outcomes.

We share the strategies, shortcuts and potential pitfalls to avoid, along with where, when and how to enable the right technologies for optimal performance. Our managed services, which maintain FedRAMP authorization, give you security, speed and flexibility without added investments. Our deep partnerships with the world’s foremost Cloud Solutions Providers (CSPs)—Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud—means SMX can define, develop, and deliver solutions that can transform your business and take you further.


Our Team

Our team of cloud delivery specialists are unmatched in the industry – with a combined total of 7500+ certifications and a history of supporting customers through their digital modernizations and transformations over the last 15+ years.


Industry & Market Expertise

We are a global solutions provider, with 25+ years of history supporting a diverse range of organizations, markets, and mission-critical systems. We leverage our expansive ecosystem of technology and solution partners to elevate the outcomes we deliver across Health, Financial Services, Education, and Public Sector – including Federal Civilian, State and Local, and Defense.


Our Approach

Our Cloud Assured Framework guides clients through their cloud journey.  We bring proven experience driving digital transformation, application modernization, and secure cloud solutions in some of the world’s toughest environments, and we adapt to your changing needs through a flexible delivery model – fueled by agile and powered by a foundation of site reliability engineering.

SMX Recognized As A Visionary In 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant

Accelerate your vision with transformative solutions designed to take you further.

From Strategy and Advisory services, to cloud-native transformations, intelligent automation, and AI-augmented security and managed services, SMX positions you to be more competitive and agile, today and in the future.

Leveraging our guided Cloud Assured Framework ensures you’re able to quickly respond to rapidly changing demands with alignment and support at every stage of your cloud journey.

Transformative thinking,
measurable outcomes

Transforming your operations starts with thoroughly understanding your goals, needs, and processes—enabling SMX to develop a roadmap that gets you where you want to go.

With decades of experience, we know how to structure cloud transformations for businesses and agencies of every description, factoring in technology, workflows, and processes as well as change management. We apply best practices, while tailoring our strategies to your unique environment and objectives, creating an environment that empowers success for the long term.

The SMX FAST Program

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Cloud Services For DoD

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Architecting your digital future

With a strategy in place, creating an effective solution can incorporate the key elements for success. Beginning with security, SMX defines environments and solutions that incorporate your objectives for speed, scalability, performance, and resilience, while always ensuring cost-effectiveness and value.

Our outcome-driven approach, coupled with our proven expertise in cloud and emerging technologies, means we can avoid the traps and bottlenecks that can plague some environments, getting you to “productive” faster.

Cloud Technologies

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HIPAA Compliance In The Cloud

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Modernization made real

To leap from strategy and design to deliver real-world results, SMX works closely with our engineers and implementation experts, our best of breed partners, and most of all, you and your team to ensure what was envisioned becomes fully operational.

SMX deliver teams apply agile principles and our proven platform, tools and methodologies to quickly build, test, iterate and roll out new applications, migrate data, and launch new, streamlined workflows and processes—all backed by revised governance and change management to ensure a seamless transition. The result? A secure, reliable, effective environment designed to minimize limitations and optimize results.

Hybrid Workforce & Contact Center Solutions

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Operationalizing your next-gen capabilities

Business doesn’t wait and mission tempo doesn’t slow down for anyone—which means keeping your systems, applications and data ready to power your next moves never stops. That’s why SMX customizes managed service solutions that let you focus your time and resources on core business, while we ensure your operations simply work.

Scalability and performance, emerging technologies (including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), security, system monitoring and compliance—SMX makes staying ahead of the curve automatic, freeing you and your teams to see all the possibilities ahead.

Cloud Assured Managed Services (CAMS)

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CAMS Security Services

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Create opportunities. Extend possibilities.

Building ever more effective ecosystems means seeing “what is” with fresh eyes—to imagine “what could be.” Your transformation journey is just that—an ongoing evolution to support greater productivity. SMX is your trusted partner to keep you moving forward.

The people of SMX believe there’s always something new beyond the next step—and they know how to reach it. Our technologists, engineers, and strategists draw on our Centers of Excellence and our industry-leading partnerships to devise smarter approaches to operational challenges. This could mean adapting a new technology, or linking processes and systems in never-before seen ways. But we never apply technology for its own sake; in every case, the goal is the same: to give you an advantage and propel you further toward your mission goals.

Accreditation Accelerator for Federal Government Compliance

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Optimize your AWS Cloud Environment

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Fuel Smarter Decisions. Secure Vital Assets.

Professional Services

Empower your vision with innovation and expertise to transform your business.

Next-Gen Managed Services

Accelerate your mission by optimizing your security, operations, and total costs.

Data Analytics

Use the power of the cloud to find insights across all your data sources.


Empower your people to do more, wherever the mission takes them.


Mid-Sized Enterprises

The challenge for Mid-Sized Enterprises (MSEs) is the scale of delivery associated with staffing, skills, and budget limitations. As SMX successfully develops solutions in the most complex environments, we package that expertise and automated tools to provide cost-effective and proven cloud native solutions.

SMX takes the time to understand your business’ mission and desired outcomes. We use those insights to develop a strategy and roadmap tailored to your digital transformation needs.

Life Sciences Tech Company Case Study

SMX partners with AWS Managed Services to satisfy your core infrastructure and operations, while also addressing advanced security applications, data management, and other unique requirements.

Financial Services

SMX is a globally recognized leader in cloud migration and hosting for financial and banking organizations. Our solutions reduce their cost of doing business while enabling you to meet your unique business demands.

Our solutions targeted for the financial services market are tailored specifically to ensure compliance with financial industry regulations (e.g., Sarbanes Oxley, PII, and PCI) and employ rigorous controls to safeguard your data. We enable financial organizations to achieve greater flexibility and agility, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

DoD and Government

SMX ensures federal agencies can achieve their modernization goals quickly, effectively and securely. Our expert knowledge of legacy to cloud transitions minimize headaches and bottlenecks, and our solutions and services are designed to augment DoD and agency operations. Security and regulatory compliance is designed-in to everything we do, and our hyper-scale CSP partners are your assurance of scalability and performance to meet the most demanding mission requirements

Cloud Services for DoD

DoD and Government Solutions with AWS



SMX enables more effective healthcare applications and Health Information Exchange (HIE) solutions, with more than a decade of experience designing, developing, and deploying new Health IT systems and modernizing legacy applications. Our security expertise, understanding of HIPAA and HITECH requirements, and proven expertise in supporting regulated industries help minimize risks and amplify the benefits of migrating to the cloud.

HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud 

VMWare CloudHealth Article: Tackling A Multicloud Governance And Cost Management Challenge 

Nonprofit Organizations

With years of experience dedicated to 501(c)(3) organizations, SMX has helped over 500 companies solve critical business challenges successfully. Our NPO solutions are tailored to ensure compliance with specific regulations and employ rigorous controls to safeguard data.

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Partner, SMX enables organizations to achieve greater flexibility and agility with cost-reducing, business-ready results—enabling NPOs to reinvest savings back into their mission.


SMX is an innovative and global solutions provider, with a deep history of serving the education market and our next generation of learners and community leaders. The COVID-19 pandemic heightened pressures to evolve how people learned landscape, demanding more flexible, scalable, and innovative solutions.

Our goal in partnering with educational organizations is to elevate both the instructor and student experience through innovative techniques.

State & Local Government

SMX understands the unique mandates, regulations, and challenges faced by State and Local Government (SLG).  In our 25+ year history we have breathed life into legacy systems, connected residents and families with supporting services, and better prepared organizations for uncertainties on the road ahead.
During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, SMX worked closely with SLG to rapidly transform core capabilities, based on the unprecedented demand for scalability, reliability, and security of their systems.  Our deep expertise in advisory, solution, and managed services for SLG uniquely positions us to help empower organizations to achieve greater levels of cloud adoption, cloud maturity, and cloud agility.

Modernizing West Virginia’s Contact Center

Our Partners

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