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SMX® provides state-of-the-art modeling and simulation tools and technology to provide our discerning customers with the most accurate and realistic simulations possible. Our portfolio includes a wide range of modeling and simulation services; including desktop training, simulated environments for operationally relevant testing, digitally facilitated courseware, scenario-based wargaming simulations, and more. We offer a range of live-virtual-constructive capabilities for immersive environments in support of C5ISR, sensor technology evaluation and validation, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), wargaming, and commercial applications. Our technology provides a closed, secure environment for testing exquisite customer capabilities in situations where the operating environment may be sensitive in nature. SMX also offers our customers digital twin capabilities to create a virtual replica of a physical object or system. These dynamic models can be outfitted with a variety of sensors to monitor performance and component health, predict behavior, and optimize system operation. Our comprehensive modeling and simulation technology is tailorable to meet customer needs and improves decision-making, reduces risk, and increases efficiency.

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A new approach to operationalizing ISR

SMX’s groundbreaking commercial ISR platform accelerates insights into unfolding events with flexible data sources, hands-on expertise, and streamlined delivery for better outcomes, value, and agility.

Elevate ISRSM merges traditional, sensor-based information sources sources with non-classified, public and commercial digital sources, making data the sensor. The result is greater context and faster time-to-insights.

Modeling, Simulation & Training Solutions

SMX Benefits

  1. Immersive and realistic mission rehearsal solutions and comprehensive training to support personnel readiness and mission advantage.
  2. Multisensory integration into our simulation training suite enhances learning, increases response speed, and improves detection and recognition.
  3. Multi-faceted simulation solutions for explosives training, Troops-in-Contact (TIC), Close Air Support (CAS), Course of Action (COA) development, joint and service exercises, operational rehearsals, and leadership development.
  4. Simulate missions to deny, degrade, disrupt, or manipulate enemy signals in support of Electromagnetic Warfare, Signals Intelligence, and Cyberspace operations.

SMX Benefits

  1. High-fidelity modeling and simulation portfolio for sensor integration and solutions assessments, capabilities analysis and performance validation for large fixed-wing aircraft to small, Group1 uncrewed aircraft and ground vehicles.
  2. Digital engineering and transformation services and Software Development Toolkits (SDK) to integrate with third party technologies.
  3. Model and simulate operational environments on proposed technology enhancements. Refine Model-Based Systems Engineering prototypes and 3D depictions to support testing and certification.
  4. Customizable suite of tools to apply statistical analysis, conduct preliminary evaluations of engineered solutions and integrations, and prediction and analysis of prototype system performance.
  5. Optimize maintenance schedules through our Digital Twin Technology. Use a digital twin to monitor the performance of a physical object or system, understand wear and tear patterns, and predict when maintenance is needed.



Modeling, Simulation & Training

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