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Data is the foundation for driving greater situational awareness, streamlined operations, and smarter, more-informed decision making. But the vast amount of data that organizations create and collect by the minute makes extracting timely, relevant intelligence problematic.

SMX® transforms enterprises of every description into data-centric powerhouses. With access to faster, more timely and complete data, you can democratize the workforce, instill sustained workforce agility, and enable personnel to thrive in rapidly changing environments.

Our data solutions are powered by a robust IT stack, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA), and the internet of things (IoT)—all supported by strong data governance and management as well as a cadre of data science professionals with the proven experience to enable your mission.

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Services that maximize mission outcomes

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Services that maximize mission outcomes

Data & Analytics Solutions

  1. Award-winning cloud solutions provider with Premier partner status in all three hyperscaler cloud platforms (AWS, Microsoft® Azure, Google Cloud)
  2. Authority to operate one of DoD’s first Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Impact Level-6 (IL-6) classified cloud-hosted environments
  3. Ability to deliver cloud-native solutions for vendor-agnostic advanced data analytics.
  4. Unique solutions, proven in DoD and commercial environments
  5. Rapidly deployed, right-sized, scalable solutions and data networks for specific and unique needs and missions
  1. Cloud-hosting enabled speed and off-loading of critical infrastructures with access to world-class data models and analytics tools
  2. Subscription-style solutions to enable nodal access to hundreds of mission-appropriate applications and models
  3. Localized computing and processing resources for edge assets. Cloud architecture enables time-sensitive, tailored solutions when clients are unable to maintain continuous connectivity to centralized, mission-critical repositories.
  1. Reshape with data-driven decision-making for organizational change management and workforce re-purpose efforts
  2. Re-balance and expand workforce capabilities to achieve agility and dexterity for a rapidly changing digital environment
  3. Adapt and strengthen core capabilities to address the shifting landscape of digital transformation and evolving mission needs

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