A new approach to operationalizing ISR

SMX’s groundbreaking commercial ISR platform accelerates insights into unfolding events with flexible data sources, hands-on expertise, and streamlined delivery for better outcomes, value, and agility.

Elevate ISR merges traditional, sensor-based information sources with non-classified, public and commercial digital sources, making data the sensor. The result is greater context and faster time-to-insights; watch this video to learn how.

Accelerated insights. Optimized results.

With Elevate ISR, operational ramp-up potential is measured in days, instead of weeks or months. Meshing traditional and non-traditional ISR (NT-ISR), Elevate ISR creates a persistent, global collection solution that enables real time alerting, tipping and cueing, and pre- and post-mission collection.

Groundbreaking commercial capabilities. Achieve mission-success faster and more cost-effectively than ever.

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This unique approach empowers a wide spectrum of mission needs, including edge compute and communications. Plus our protected commercial ecosystem enables the ability to respond and flex at the speed of industry, and establishes an environment for streamlined information sharing with partner nations, enhancing exercise support.

Our Measured Approach

Elevate ISR


Deeply understand unique needs of clients and stakeholders



Deliver solutions that achieve measurable transformation



Continuously apply best practices, automation and AI to accelerate time to insight

Transformational delivery model

Elevate ISR changes how critical, time-sensitive insights go from raw sources to operational advantages. As a lead industry integrator, SMX uses the speed and flexibility of commercial acquisition to deliver bite sized, low risk, service-based capabilities, and the ability to instantly pivot to new data sources or tools.

The crucial factor in ensuring rapid, accurate results is SMX’s human based and AI-based analytic tradecraft—developed over more than a decade of experience working directly alongside operators and decision makers.

Case study: Elevate ISR in action

A US federal agency was tasked with locating vessels owned by oligarchs. The SMX team merged traditional and NT-ISR to quickly hone in on suspect vessels:
SMX analysts leveraged traditional ISR data tracking yacht sanctuaries and mapping the vessels’ current and past locations.
NT-ISR data, including photos posted on social media, added substance and detail.
SMX analysts then used business intelligence networks, social posts, PAI, and advertising technology to unravel complex ownership networks.

This hybrid ISR approach clearly tied sanctioned individuals to assets, empowering federal teams to act.

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