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Harness The Transformative Power Of Technology To Achieve Mission Success

At SMX®, we are a team of technical and domain experts dedicated to enabling your mission. From priority national security initiatives for the DoD to highly assured and compliant solutions for healthcare, we understand that digital transformation is key to your future success.

We share your vision for the future and strive to accelerate your impact on the world. We bring both cutting edge technology and an expansive view of what’s possible to every engagement. Our delivery model and unique approaches harness our deep technical and domain knowledge, providing forward-looking insights and practical solutions to power secure mission acceleration.

From technical consulting to embedded mission and programmatic support to next-gen managed services, we are both a platform and a capability enhancer for you to achieve your mission goals, no matter how expansive.

A History of Looking Forward

Our tradition of delivering innovative, technical solutions dates back to 1995, however, you may know us better by one of our legacy company names: Trident Technologies, Smartronix, Datastrong, or C2S Consulting Group. With the support of OceanSound Partners, our private equity investment sponsor, we began operating as one business starting in 2019 and became SMX in 2021. We expanded the company to include Creoal Consulting and Outside Analytics in 2023. We operate in close proximity to our clients around the globe and have core locations in Alabama, California, Colorado, the DC Metro, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

Today, as SMX, we are one team and together empower government and commercial enterprises to become more effective, innovative, and resilient no matter what challenges they face.

We Exist to Solve

We deliver agility at scale, with optimized strategies to move your organization forward. But transformation is more than new technology alone, and we aren’t here to shoehorn new technology into your environment for its own sake. Our goal is simple: to help you accomplish your mission.

A pioneer in cloud modernization, we successfully migrated the first federal government compute workload to the cloud. We are recognized by Gartner as a Magic Quadrant Leader and are one of just a handful of companies worldwide that have achieved Premier status in all three hyperscaler cloud platforms (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft® Azure, and Google Cloud).

We engineer and integrate complex systems that make it easier for you to use data, automate processes, and take advantage of new capabilities — freeing you to focus on being more effective and competitive. We ensure intelligence is captured, analyzed, and available, with specialized ISR assets and services that ensure faster, more informed decisions, even in austere or degraded conditions.

Most of all, as a trusted partner with technology in our DNA, we’re counted on to deliver the right solution, no matter how unique or complex the environment. And with our broad view across programs and regions, we can break down stovepipes to deliver targeted capabilities faster and more cost-effectively. SMX brings unmatched expertise to operationalize next-gen capabilities at mission speed.


Our teammates and partners represent the best-of-breed in every category.


We drive success for customers across the Department of Defense, civilian government, and industry-leading commercial firms.

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The SMX leadership team brings skill and experience to ensuring your mission’s success.

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