SMX ElevateSM Overview

Enhance the mission with SMX Elevate

SMX Elevate is a technology-enabled, outcomes-focused approach to solving business challenges while creating meaningful mission and business impact.

Whether you are adopting generative AI, optimizing your cloud architecture, addressing technical debt, and/or meeting stringent security and compliance standards – SMX Elevate is uniquely designed to revolutionize your approach, accelerating strategic mission outcomes by removing barriers to transformation.

With SMX as the architect of your innovation, we can deliver faster, leaner and more repeatable outcomes to transform challenges into successful outcomes. Because at SMX, we understand that our clients operate in environments where failure is not an option.

Accelerators for Your Mission


Intelligent Automation Platform

Ensure mission goals are achieved across the full lifecycle with automated solutions supported by SMX technology experts and our Elevate Knowledge Repository.


Generative AI & AI Labs

Skyrocket your enterprise’s competitive advantage with comprehensive AI/ML services, backed by SMX’s expertise and high compliance solutions.


ISV Accreditation Accelerator

Navigate the intricate process of accreditation to gain fast access to the federal market.


Enterprise Management

Streamline, automate, and simplify business-critical activities to focus relentlessly on results.


Elevate ISR

Accelerate insights into real-time events and achieve better outcomes, value, and agility with SMX’s groundbreaking commercial ISR platform.


Elevate Space

See the unseen and unlock real-time insight from space-based sensors in support of mission critical timelines.

Outcome first.
Status quo, nowhere in sight.

Envision a model where services, automation, and purpose-built tools combine to deliver streamlined processes, smarter decisions, and stronger results, all guided by advisors and tech experts whose roles are defined by results, not time spent. With SMX Elevate, drive outcomes that matter by enabling:

  1. Cloud without constraints
  2. Compliant and secure environments
  3. Outcomes-focused servicing
  4. Solution delivery teams with an automation platform

SMX Elevate makes digital transformation predictable, cost-effective, and seamless. At SMX, we deliver faster, leaner and more repeatable outcomes than our counterparts operating within a legacy consulting model. Contact us for a tailored discussion at [email protected].

Learn how SMX Elevate accelerates your transformation journey

Elevate Mission Success with Tailored Services

The latest technology means nothing if it doesn’t lead to measurable improvements for your business. Drive real results whether you’re expanding into new markets, identifying the right strategy for AI, accelerating DevOps, or elevating the customer experience — all with the assurance of high security and compliance.

SMX Elevate syncs with you wherever you are on your transformation journey. Use only what you need, precisely when you need it.

Services that maximize mission outcomes


Collaborate with SMX subject matter experts on strategic decisions, maximizing your cloud and technology investments to drive measurable, data-driven outcomes.


Envision & Create

Unlock innovation and employ AI-augmented, cloud-native technologies that rapidly deliver resilient, data-driven, scalable applications meeting any level of demand.



Align migration with business strategy and outcomes to maximize return on investment through a mix of lift and shift and modernization – resulting in long term cloud agility.


Secure & Comply

Security and compliance are the foundation of every SMX solution. Our accredited automation delivery platform and services unlock secure innovation and accelerate authority to operate (ATO) with FedRAMP®, DoD RMF, FISMA, CMMC, StateRAMP, HIPAA, HITRUST, and PCI.


Optimize & Modernize

Replace legacy and mainframe systems by leveraging modernized digital tools and AI-enabled capabilities to accelerate the delivery of cloud native applications and deliver higher returns. Unlock the potential of cloud while balancing performance and spend using the SMX FinOps framework.


Mitigate talent scarcity by leveraging a team with 15+ years of cloud experience that can build and maintain sustainable cloud operations without vendor lock-in.

SMX Elevate delivers outcome-based digital transformation for your organization

Our Measured Approach



Deeply understand unique needs of clients and stakeholders



Deliver solutions that achieve measurable transformation



Continuously apply best practices that optimize target state

SMX Elevate Accelerates & Streamlines Delivery

Accredited experts

Our certified experts reinforce your in-house resources with critical, hard-to-find skills — from AI to agile development to security — bringing experience in multiple industries, including healthcare, finance, life sciences and defense.

Digital tools

Our advanced tools ensure seamless transitions to new capabilities. SMX migrates apps without disruption, modernizes legacy apps and quickly develops new ones, and optimizes public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

Intellectual property

Our library of unique APIs and connectors builds with every engagement. Microservices and containers ensure faster development with improved outcomes, while continuous development ensures all clients can meet changing requirements.

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Wherever you are on your transformation journey, SMX can help you get there faster and more effectively.

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