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SMX® provides programmatic leadership and intelligence domain experts to support priority national security initiatives for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Intelligence Community (IC), and Department of Defense (DoD). Our team combines traditional C5ISR experience with cutting-edge technology to deliver forward-looking insights and practical solutions. SMX’s delivery model with Elevate ISR℠ and unique approaches utilize deep technical and domain knowledge to provide a platform and capability enhancer for customers to achieve their mission goals. SMX’s Mission Solutions Group is a prime contractor on four large DoD ISR contracts with operations on five continents, providing innovative, secure, and agile solutions that transform and modernize operations and contribute to national security and well-being.

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A new approach to operationalizing ISR

SMX’s groundbreaking commercial ISR platform accelerates insights into unfolding events with flexible data sources, hands-on expertise, and streamlined delivery for better outcomes, value, and agility.

Elevate ISR merges traditional, sensor-based information sources sources with non-classified, public and commercial digital sources, making data the sensor. The result is greater context and faster time-to-insights.

SMX has supported nearly all major Combatant Command (COCOM) mission areas on five continents.

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SMX harnesses the transformative power of technology to assure mission success.

SMX automates and accelerates key C5ISR operations to help ensure you gain a competitive edge

ISR Transformation: Meeting Changing Demands at Mission Speed

To support mission needs and CONOPs worldwide, ISR information needs to be captured, analyzed, and distributed efficiently. From lightweight maritime UAS platforms to towed underwater arrays and larger airborne platforms, we can support missions wherever they take you—from urban centers to austere environments.

SMX tailors our solutions to your needs, supporting edge compute and communications globally. Our cloud expertise allows us to leverage remote models and analytical databases, access nearly unlimited storage capacity, and deliver information to match mission urgency and decision timelines.

Space Domain Solutions for ISR Missions

With our extensive global ISR experience, SMX and our partners effectively operate and maintain fixed, mobile, and temporary Ground Control Stations (GCSs) in response to COCOM-specific requirements. As a Lead Industry Integrator (LII), we mesh proven cloud-scale data, AI/ML, and data analytics capabilities with rapid acquisition and integration strategies to solve problems and assure mission success in an evolving threat environment.

Our space domain solutions span a broad range of mission capabilities, such as equipment and logistics support; intelligence support; ISR payload support; and Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) support, including designing manned/unmanned ISR platforms to integrate with various systems for space-based operations.

NTISR: Non-Traditional Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

The idea of Non-Traditional ISR (NTISR) began during Operation Iraqi Freedom, when Air Force fighter pilots used their targeting sensors for reconnaissance. NTISR came to mean capturing data from sources that had other intended purposes. Since then, we have expanded that definition.

While traditional ISR depends on interconnected hardware sensors to feed systems with data for analysis, NTISR is more focused on the data itself as well as the cloud or hybrid platforms used to store, analyze, and share information. In essence, data becomes the sensor. Humans still play a crucial role in the process, but NTISR relies heavily on automation for enhanced data.



Here Are 4 Ways Non-Traditional ISR Can Accelerate Time to Insight

Mission Operations & Intelligence

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