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SMX® accelerates your cloud transformation – securely, efficiently, and effectively

SMX has been driving cloud modernization since the earliest days, and that experience translates to unmatched outcomes.

With more than a decade of experience designing, developing, and deploying new Health IT systems and modernizing legacy applications, SMX enables more effective healthcare applications and Health Information Exchange (HIE) solutions. Our security expertise, understanding of HIPAA and HITECH requirements, and proven expertise in supporting regulated industries help minimize risks and amplify the benefits of migrating to the cloud.


Reduce Infrastructure Cost

Our Team delivers financial and infrastructure strategies that enable clients to continuously adapt cloud resources to balance performance, consumption, and spend in real time providing a critical, sometimes missing link between cloud usage, finance, and business strategy.


Accelerate Modernization

SMX teams have extensive experience replacing legacy and mainframe applications with modern cloud architecture. Replace legacy and mainframe systems by leveraging modernized digital tools and capabilities to accelerate the delivery of cloud native applications and deliver higher returns.


Secure Operations at Scale

SMX solutions are secure and compliant by design ensuring peace of mind across multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments, networks, applications, and data. Our accredited automation delivery platform and services unlock secure innovation and accelerate authority to operate (ATO) with FedRAMP®, , FISMA, CMMC, StateRAMP, HIPAA, HITRUST, and PCI.

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Fuel Smarter Decisions. Secure Vital Assets.

Digital Transformation

Connect the systems, data, and people that power your mission.

Data & Analytics

Use the power of the cloud to find insights across all your data sources.


Accelerate your cloud transformation – securely, efficiently, and effectively.

SMX ElevateSM

How can SMX Elevate help you?

SMX Advantages

  1. Ever-expanding library of APIs, connectors, and accelerators improves with every iteration; all clients benefit from continuous development
  2. Extensive partnerships bring commercial innovation to public sector, government-level security to private sector
  3. Deep bench of certified experts, many from customer environments, augment your in-house resources


  1. Reusable microservices and containerization transform the monolithic technology environment
  2. No more vendor lock — the outcome is the driver, not the technology
  3. Serverless architecture operates with your existing technology stack to enable new, never-before imagined capabilities

SMX Advantages

  1. FedRAMP, IL2/4/5, PCI and HIPAA compliance
  2. Highest level partnerships with all hyperscalers
  3. Increase value of your cloud investment – not just relocating data and apps to the cloud


  1. Hybrid and cloud-only environments tuned to optimize every operation
  2. Tedious manual effort replaced with microservice-based autonomous operations wherever needed
  3. Automated security and compliance for highly-regulated industries

SMX Advantages

  1. Deep roots as a pioneering service provider of cloud adoption
  2. Engineering and support team adapts as your project needs change
  3. Cross-area experts with hands-on knowledge of your environment


  1. Collaborative team of experts provides all relevant skill sets
  2. Free your people to create value and focus on the mission instead of the technology
  3. Expertise in multiple industries including Healthcare, Financial Services, Life Sciences, and Defense

SMX Advantages

  1. More for less, predictable spend
  2. Disrupts “industry-standard” consulting model to deliver greater value at every turn
  3. Procurement options that match your priorities


  1. Delivery and value is not contingent on spend. Value can exceed cost and has the potential to grow even as cost decreases.
  2. Moves away from “people and time” servicing to outcomes-focused servicing
  3. Shifts more of resourcing and cost risk to SMX

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SMX Elevate delivers outcome-based digital transformation for your organization

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