Sustainability Mission

Corporate Sustainability Mission

SMX® is Committed to Environmental Stewardship in Business Operations for the Long-Term Reduction of our Carbon Footprint and the Conservation of Global Resources.

SMX is a U.S. based, privately held, highly regarded information technology (IT) and engineering solutions provider with core offerings focused on Cloud Computing; Cyber Security; C4ISR Lead Industry Integration; Systems Integration and Development; Data Science and Analytics; and Mission-Focused Engineering. In today’s demanding and ever-changing technology landscape, we continue to provide innovative, secure, and agile solutions that transform and modernize operations and help contribute to national security, defense, and well-being.

In addition to corporate policies, programs, and continuous quality improvement processes that comply with laws and regulations, SMX is committed to best practices that support sustainability through maximizing energy efficiency, using renewable resources, and minimizing waste within our facilities and business operations. SMX operates on six core beliefs, one of which states ‘SMX’ responsibilities extend to the promotion of positive resources and good acts for society and the communities in which we serve.’ This core belief encompasses our commitment to sustainability in three specific areas:

  • Providing ecologically friendly and low-energy consumption IT services
  • Helping to improve our clients’ operational efficiency and productivity
  • Engaging employees in responsible conservation efforts at work and within the communities in which we live

How Cloud Computing Helps Lower Energy Consumption

  • Using full capacity. When using in-house servers, companies are unlikely to be utilizing the full capacity. With the cloud, server capacity is shared between a number of businesses. Resources are allocated so that there are no idle machines, and utilization rates are much higher. This means fewer machines are needed and less energy is wasted.
  • Energy efficiency. While small businesses may not be greatly affected by the energy savings they could achieve without in-house servers, large data centers see vast energy savings with a cloud-based system. They also can buy cloud server space in larger amounts, helping the business save money and energy in the long-term.
  • Better climate control. Servers get very hot, so it is important to have a high-quality cooling system, which further adds to the cost of in-house servers. Since the cloud works on a much larger scale, it can use more efficient layouts to keep servers cool.
  • Reducing travel. Cloud computing can reduce the amount of travel required by staff, as employees can access documents from anywhere with the cloud, allowing for more flexibility, depending on the business.



SMX Corporate Sustainability Mission

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