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Sensitive data and detailed compliance requirements can be overwhelming and complicated to manage and achieve. SMX is adept at addressing these challenges, removing the burden from your IT security team. Our CISSPs and cleared personnel have the tools and experience to perform root cause, forensics, and broad-spectrum analytics, even with (especially with) cloud as the infrastructure.

Together, SMX and the cloud provider’s capabilities and expertise along with customizations to suit your operational and regulatory requirements deliver a comprehensive, managed solution to cloud security.


Security Services:

Microsoft® on AWS

Incident Response (IR) Service

IR Service provides analysis, tracking, and corrective actions for issues impacting customer environments and infrastructure. We support the IR process through incident escalation, break/fix remediation, disaster recovery, system restore, instance isolation, and event information reporting related to the cloud environment and guest operating systems. IR capability also can be leveraged to help identify application-impacting problems.


Enhanced Log Aggregation and Analysis (ELAA) Service

Our ELAA Service captures all events, logs, audit information, and monitoring information provided by operating systems, platforms, networks, applications, and infrastructure. Alerts are defined for key events within the environment to trigger further analysis or incident response. ELAA extends the core log aggregation service by integrating search capabilities, counters, and proactive log review analysis. The analysis capability enables the correlation of events by generating a process chain.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Security and Regulatory Compliance Advisory (SRCA) Service

Our SRCA Service utilizes global intelligence for security and threat analytics to provide clients with guidance in regulatory requirements and recommend mitigation of threats that have the potential to impact client-specific environments as they appear and evolve. Email notification is provided the day significant threats surface in industry analyses.



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