Cloud Assured Managed Services (CAMS)

Microsoft® on AWS

Focus on Your Mission, Not Your Cloud Infrastructure

Free IT operators from the daily “run it” activities that don’t add business value. SMX Cloud Assured Managed Services (CAMS) are audited, certified, and designed to assure your operations stay available 24x7x365.

FedRAMP Authorized to assure government-level security compliance, CAMS delivers the flexibility you need and demand. We don’t force-fit you into predetermined solutions; you can select the right mix of capabilities across our Core, Premium, and Security Services to meet your unique workflows and requirements.​


CAMS Core Services

Applying best practices for operations, governance and security, we deliver exceptional cost-effective solutions for routine activities (including monitoring, logging, provisioning, patch management and more). We can dramatically lower costs by making your environment more efficient and productive.

Internet of Things (IoT)

CAMS Premium Services

Some environments require OS-level support for key line-of-business workloads and custom applications. SMX can provide advanced architectural recommendations, database management, Web application, CDN management, and much more. We deliver custom support tailored to your organization, extending our ‘best-in-class’ Core Services and expertise to help you build, manage, and monitor every layer of your IT stack.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

CAMS Security Services

Sensitive data and detailed compliance requirements can be overly-complicated for organizations to manage. SMX has the tools and experience to perform root cause, forensics, and broad-spectrum analytics, even with (especially with) cloud as the infrastructure. Building on the cloud provider’s capabilities and expertise, we can customize a comprehensive security program that empowers and enables your organization to do business with confidence.
Business Intelligence and Analytics

CAMS Powered by AMS

Description: 88% of enterprise IT organizations have a cloud-first strategy, yet 86% of enterprise infrastructure spend is still directed to technology on-premises. Lack of cloud IT skills, tooling, and processes hinder digital transformation execution plans and thus business outcomes. Regardless of where your organization is in your digital transformation journey, Smartronix Cloud Assured Managed Services (CAMS) powered by AWS Managed Services (AMS) provides an operating model designed to accelerate your digital transformation and focus your resources on innovation and delivering business results.



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