HIPAA Compliance In The Cloud

HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which mandates privacy standards to protect patients’ medical records and other health information, resulted in massive changes to healthcare operations. Now healthcare IT is in the midst of another rapid change due to the transformative nature of adopting cloud. Organizations are realizing significant benefits across functional, technical, and business areas by enabling:

  • On-demand healthcare, telehealth, and user experience
  • Big Data analytics, predictive healthcare, and operations
  • Virtual reality applications
  • Wearable medical devices and Internet of Things (IoT)

Cloud migration in these technologies can: improve end-user satisfaction; greatly reduce costs; enable the scaling of services as needed; allow providers to deliver high-quality, personalized care; remove location barriers that have traditionally restricted access to specialized healthcare; ease interoperability; provide access to high powered analytics; and increase patients’ data ownership and participation. In short, healthcare organizations can reap significant benefits from cloud transformation. However, there are several obstacles that have impacted their smooth adoption.

Common Obstacles to Cloud Adoption for HIPAA Customers

  • Risk of Data Loss
  • Cost of Compliance
  • Skills of Existing Resources
  • Complexity of Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Environments

SMX Specializes in Optimizing HIPAA Compliance

SMX delivers productivity gains and cost-savings and ensures our customers are always in compliance with HIPAA by staying current on national and international developments. We have been doing this in the cloud for more than a decade. We understand that it can be overwhelming and costly for organizations to keep current with changing technologies, markets, software, licensing, and regulation. SMX keeps the customer’s data secured on their cloud networks, eliminating the possibility of crippling cyber attacks that could have damaging consequences for an organization.

SMX uses rigorous methods for data security, including systems and personnel for cloud migrations, workload management, risk management, and HIPAA compliance. This starts with building a secure and scalable cloud architecture, designed with HIPAA in mind. Our services integrate with the customer’s current cloud adoption stage. Whether just getting started or utilizing a cloud platform for years, SMX HIPAA compliance solutions provide the customer with the information they need to secure their most critical information in the cloud. Our HIPAA compliant cloud capabilities can help accelerate the customer’s HIPAA journey while removing risk and decreasing costs through our audited Cloud Assured Managed Services (CAMSTM) controls.

Here are some highlights for the solutions we provide:

  • Define proper security guard rails, incorporating best practices for security teams to create repeatable and auditable security as code
  • Development of DevSecOps processes to safeguard continuous integration/continuous deployment pipelines
  • Assess existing cloud/hybrid architecture, technology, security services, and compliance policies
  • Decrease time and cost to compliance dramatically by leveraging our CAMS shared responsibility model framework for HIPAA



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