Accelerate Cloud Migration With The SMX Colo-To-Cloud Program

Zero Migration Costs and a Fixed-Timeline Guarantee

The complexity of cloud migrations can make it difficult to predict costs and move to the cloud quickly. SMX streamlines cloud migrations with an automated move to VMware® Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Combined with the new AWS funding program that potentially covers the migration costs, the SMX Colo-to-Cloud program can help businesses disengage from the bonds of their colo provider.

Cost Savings

The SMX Colo-to-Cloud program removes the financial barriers of cloud migrations by funding the migration services for AWS-qualifying workloads. The program also compresses what is typically a multiyear migration timeline into just weeks or months. This enables businesses to remove the financial burden of simultaneously running multiple datacenters. Additional cost savings might be available based on the customer’s current VMware volume discounts

Optimized & Predictable

The SMX automated cloud migration process leverages VMware Cloud on AWS to match the capacity, tooling, and operational specifications of a customer’s on-premises VMware environment. The process provides predictable compute and license costs, performance, and migration speed. This optimized path (time, cost, risk) brings companies into the cloud quickly, enabling accelerated in-cloud optimization.


Program Highlights

  • Predictable compute costs, license costs, performance, migration timeline, and migration speed using VMware to VMware Cloud on AWS migrations. SMX provides a firm-fixed price statement of work for straight migrations.
  • Reduced migration time from colo or customer datacenter to AWS. To streamline the process, SMX capacity matches the VMware environment on AWS and uses a software-defined network. This enables geo-based VMotion or VMigrate. This approach also provides the lowest risk as SMX has high confidence it can match performance and maintain consistency. Total migration time is estimated to range from as little as two weeks to two months.
  • Reduced transition timeframes and associated costs. Traditional migration activities (VM to AMI, etc.) require longer timeframes, increased complexity, and higher manual support efforts, which causes the customer to pay for two environments during a longer period of time. SMX’ Colo-to-Cloud program automates the process using VMware to VMware Cloud on AWS to reduce deployment time to as short as two weeks to two months.
  • Accelerated adoption. Businesses quickly realize the value of cloud and can immediately start adopting cloud-native services (S3 backup, RDS, ML) once running in VMware Cloud on AWS.
  • SMX provides a fast exit from colo or datacenter environments with fully automated landing zones that support both VMware Cloud on AWS and AWS connected environments, for a rapid, repeatable and low risk deployment.

SMX, AWS, and VMware – A Premier Partnership

SMX has been a VMware Partner since 2004 and an AWS Premier Consulting Partner since 2009. We have built a worldwide team with the domain and technical expertise to deliver innovative, mission-critical cloud solutions for our customers. As a leader in securely implementing IT transformation through cloud technologies, our solutions have helped some of the world’s largest organizations successfully address the complexities of cloud migration, design, and security. The Colo-to-Cloud program is our latest offering to provide customers with a single vendor solution that accelerates cloud migration, reduces costs, and manages their workloads in the cloud with optimal performance and predictable cost.



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