Protect Your Data.

Empower Your Mission.

Securing your data, applications and people is about more than just protecting critical assets. Done right, cybersecurity enables greater performance—and the confidence to focus on the mission.

For more than 25 years, SMX has provided offensive and defensive cybersecurity solutions for DoD, civilian Government, and commercial customers, with capabilities that deliver security and compliance in the most complex environments. Our range of advanced capabilities includes:

  • Managed Security Services
  • Continuous Monitoring and Advanced Hunting
  • Penetration Testing
  • Red Team Tool Development
  • Vulnerability Analysis and Remediation
  • Automated Compliance and Reporting
  • NIST RMF Assessment and Authorization
  • Consulting and Training
  • Platform RMF Certification

SMX delivers expert operational support to create environments that can protect against current and evolving threats while enabling personnel to be both safe and productive, whether onsite, in the field, at home or in a hybrid environment. 

24x7x365 Security Operations

With malware, ransomware, insider threats and more creating instability and doubt, agencies and organizations are dealing with exponentially greater risks daily. All it takes is a single opening in your defenses—the result of human error or a sophisticated attacker—to create chaos.

SMX tailors round-the-clock security operations to meet your requirements and mission parameters. Whether the threat is from nation states, cyber criminals or inadvertent insiders, we create comprehensive programs that keep you secure, competitive and ready to prevail against emerging challenges.

Compliance Solutions for NIST, RMF, and other regulatory workloads

Trained and experienced to ensure best practices are implemented, our cybersecurity specialists bring extensive knowledge and real-world experience to every engagement. Implementing the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) is a critical component of compliance, and SMX experts are highly skilled in optimizing every step of the process, from preparation through ongoing monitoring, to support your mission.

Each member of our multi-disciplinary team can not only fulfill traditional Information System Security Officers / Engineers (ISSO/E) roles but can also conduct independent security assessments on behalf of agency/service Security Control Assessors (SCAs). As a result, we can often achieve a smaller footprint and tighter schedule than required.

Penetration Testing and Advanced Threat Hunting

Using a multi-tenant rapid scan approach, we can perform live system triage and assessments without affecting critical functions and services.

Our penetration (pen) testing can identify vulnerabilities in your overall security posture to determine your level of risk. This knowledge helps you understand where to invest in cyber solutions that can minimize risk—while still enabling personnel to be productive.

In the event of a breach, SMX can apply cutting-edge detection techniques to quickly track down intrusions. Our intelligent threat hunting platform applies adversary behavior, machine/code learning, and proprietary, multi-faceted security analytics to spot, assess and analyze suspicious activity. Our experienced threat hunters can then quickly respond to alerts and shut down attacks, limiting the impact on your systems and data.



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