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SMX Mission Systems Integration Solutions

SMX is a leader in global ISR solutions, providing systems integration capabilities for critical IT systems, including software development and application integration for global systems and full life-cycle hardware engineering integration for all missions.

The SMX Mission Solutions Group supports mission-critical applications, critical IT systems, and global systems software and application development and integration, and offer full mission-life cycle hardware engineering and integration. We work with best-in-breed public cloud provider to provide solutions for government, including: transactional and analytical data platforms, devsecops platform engineering, government commoditized hardware, secure and scalable cloud managed services, all with government-grade security and compliance standards.

As a lead industry integrator (LII), other capabilities include Digital Transformation, Application Modernization, AI-Enhanced C5ISR, Advanced Analytics/AI/ML, and Data Engineering. SMX leverages vendor and partner expertise to provide manned and unmanned platforms (and platform data collection) and the full range of sensors (including space-based sensors) and satellite ground stations; edge compute; cloud compute; Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) support; geospatial imagery; advanced analytics; and AI/ML enhancements.

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