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A state-level services department, dedicated to protecting the most vulnerable members of their local communities, was mandated by their state legislature to move their flagship application to the cloud. The goals of the migration were to provide faster, more efficient processing of information systems and services to those depending on it, while maintaining security and compliance under state and HIPAA regulations. Additionally, the state wanted to reduce the overall cost of IT operations and establish an operating model with a trusted Managed Services Provider (MSP).


The department selected AWS as the Cloud Services Provider (CSP) and SMX, an AWS Premier Consulting and Managed Service Provider Partner as their MSP to provide managed services for the infrastructure environment and application running on AWS. To support the Department’s managed services and operational readiness requirements, we implemented attribute-based, event-driven security and compliance measures along with full compliance and security reporting.

The solution manages the configurations of the Department’s environments, ensuring that they remain consistent with the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmark for Windows, Linux, and AWS security and compliance recommendations. When configuration drifts are detected, they are remediated to a consistent state or reported on for further investigation. Vulnerability scans are done, consistent with FedRAMP continuous monitoring requirements, to ensure that hardened images and other defense-in-depth configurations remain consistent with the last known state, and new security and compliance updates have been applied.


Business Value Obtained and Ongoing Support

The migration provided a seamless transition to the cloud for the Department, allowing them to realize significant cost savings, consistent security and compliance reporting, improved application response times, which in turn led to increased case processing times and better services to those depending on them. The application is managed by SMX Cloud Assured Managed Services (CAMS) for 24x7x365 support.

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