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State of West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles


The State of West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) was running an aging Driver’s License application stack. The system handled the processing of license applications and ran within an on-premises data center. It faced issues with response times, had inconsistent connectivity, and suffered from resource contention. Additionally, there was a high cost of ownership, management, and administration for environments being maintained on-premises. The DMV needed a solution that was more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable to those using it, such as State Police. The DMV decided to replace and move the application to the AWS cloud to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing and ultimately achieve a better solution for its residents.


SMX, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, was brought in by the State of West Virginia to design an architecture that would embrace best practices in the areas of cost, security, scalability, reliability, and compliance – and work with an external software provider on upgrading application capabilities. During the first week of engagement, SMX proposed an AWS solution that was designed to meet the State’s strict security objectives and operational requirements. SMX worked quickly to build and configure Quality Assurance (QA), User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Disaster Recovery (DR), and Production environments in alignment with software product specifications. The resulting solution, which was deployed using AWS CloudFormation, saw many efficiencies and improvements, including automation capabilities, which reduced manual efforts and decreased deployment times.


Business Value Obtained and Ongoing Support

With the new Driver’s License application stack deployed on AWS, West Virginia residents now experience faster application response times and better availability of service. West Virginia is also seeing a reduction in ongoing operating costs, which was one of the project’s original objectives. SMX continues to support the State of West Virginia post go-live. Together, SMX and the State are realizing long-term cost savings and improved business continuity. The new infrastructure is fully managed with SMX Cloud Assured Managed Services (CAMS™) including 24x7x365 operations support.

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