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Hudson Companies, a premier provider of construction services for a wide variety of residential and commercial property types needed a content management system and content delivery network that could support the growth in size and complexity of their existing business, which was leading to an increase in traffic to their website. They required a highly scalable, secure, and reliable deployment that could scale more easily and deliver content to their customers more quickly, regardless of where they are located. Their existing WordPress site was being managed on-premises and was struggling to keep pace with increased website usage and load on their backend infrastructure.


Smartronix worked with the Hudson Companies team to migrate their existing WordPress-based website to a modernized cloud infrastructure stack, including the Google Cloud CDN (Content Delivery Network). The first step was to deploy a standardized VPC using proven networking and security configurations with generic subnets across multiple regions. Smartronix then leveraged a GCP Marketplace WordPress solution to deploy the necessary compute engine and related packages. The existing WordPress site was then migrated over to the GCP hosted infrastructure and configured to allow the Hudson team to securely access and maintain their WordPress instance and content within the new environment. Additionally, Smartronix enabled and configured Google Cloud CDN to help deliver cached versions of the WordPress pages to edge locations across the globe, providing fast page downloads and a better user experience. The CDN also allows tight integration with Google Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Logging services that provides usage and performance metrics that can then continuously ensure overall site health. Smartronix enabled and configured both the standard and custom alerts to trigger notifications to the appropriate Hudson team members in the case of any incidents which provided a means for the team to respond to events before website visitors were even aware or impacted. 

Hudson is now able to better serve their customers and website visitors through stabilized infrastructure, faster page load times, and better insights into operational health. As a result of the rehosting they have also optimized their cost by reducing their need to provision additional dedicated systems to support their growing needs and only pay for what they use. Overall, Hudson now has a reliable, cost-efficient platform that scales to meet demand and provides observability into overall health, which in turn better supports their demanding clients and prospects all over the world.  

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