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A leading provider of medical technology, services, and solutions had acquired dozens of companies in a short period of time. With another sizable merger on the horizon, the combined organization was expected to drive significant ($2B) operational efficiencies. They needed a trusted partner to help develop a cloud strategy that would set them up for successful operational excellence as they continued to grow at a rapid pace.


SMX, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, was selected to develop this multi-cloud migration strategy and approach. Leveraging our Foundational Agile Strategic Transformation (FAST) Program, we developed a multi-cloud decision framework, provided FinOps services and guidance, planned migration activities centered around the migration factory approach, designed and deployed foundational infrastructure components, developed repeatable migration templates, and provided managed services across AWS, Azure, and private cloud.

Our Cloud Assured team worked closely with the customer’s Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) to develop a cloud migration factory comprised of four key phases: Framing Estimates, Technical Architecture and Cloud Services Proposal Creation, Build and Deliver, and Run/Operate. The use of our multi-cloud decision framework in concert with the migration factory plans helped ensure that each phase met pre-defined requirements before moving to the next phase. We integrated automation, security-first principles, and DevOps methodologies which allowed our engineering staff to rapidly build and test production environments that enabled required security controls. Our ability to cleanly and securely implement a well-integrated Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach to continuous delivery was largely due to differentiating technologies involved in this solution, including cloud native services.

The resulting solution provided fully auditable and repeatable deployment patterns for both infrastructure and applications, which meant teams were now capable of deploying entire application stacks within minutes. SMX Cloud Assured team members continue to support all phases of customer engagement, including 24x7x365 managed services support structured around international security, data sovereignty, and patient privacy mandates.

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