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Ensure a game-changing mobile application for dry eye patients delivers a positive—and secure—customer experience.


Allergan’s groundbreaking TrueTear device causes dry eye sufferers to produce their own natural tears using tiny pulses of energy (an effect called neurostimulation), instead of drops or medications. The device connects to a mobile app via Bluetooth Low Energy. As with any medical technology, not only does the system need to be user friendly, it must also meet the most stringent standards of patient privacy and data security.

The company turned to SMX to assist with the implementation, architecture, and management of their TrueTear backend infrastructure on AWS. The mobile app enables users to understand their device usage patterns, and helps them predict their eye condition as the weather changes.

The TrueTear application is a microservices-based solution using AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway, which enables rapid scaling to meet expanding demand. With the security standards, HIPAA-eligible services, and microservices of the AWS foundation, SMX successfully developed and delivered a secure, compliant solution that can effectively support the needs of patients and providers. With help from SMX, the TrueTear team has pioneered Allergan’s entry to the world of connected devices.

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