SMX Releases New Open-Architecture Platform Integrating Traditional and Non-Traditional ISR to Enhance Mission Outcomes

Elevate ISR℠ provides a new approach to operationalize data and address client intelligence gaps and mission priorities

TAMPA, FL. (MAY 8, 2023) — SMX announced today the launch of Elevate ISR℠, an operational, service-based, commercial platform that integrates traditional and non-traditional intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) tradecraft and data. The Elevate ISR platform positions data as the “universal” sensor deriving insights from multi-domain sources to augment and more effectively leverage traditional intelligence information and exploitation methodologies. Elevate ISR combines an open data architecture in a secure commercial environment, that accommodates a broad range of best-in-class tools and analytics with cross-functional teams of experts to deliver the insights end users need to accelerate priority mission results.

“Based on a decade of experience supporting full spectrum, global combatant command ISR programs, we identified a compelling need for a new way to supplement existing, successful ISR programs,” said SMX CEO, Peter LaMontagne. “So, we architected Elevate ISR to accelerate mission impacts and outcomes by helping our clients extract value from more data sources, faster and in a scalable and cost-effective manner.”

The platform integrates traditional and non-traditional ISR data collection and analytics to create a deeper, wider, multi-modal picture of activities and behaviors. Through automation, this unique model provides a scalable, resilient, and real-time environment allowing for increased flexibility in decision-making, security, connectivity, and accessibility to data.

This new offering can stand alone as a wide area and real-time monitoring service or be used in tandem with traditional ISR assets to reduce gaps in coverage and deepen insights. Elevate ISR’s multidimensional architecture can consistently monitor multiple data streams including publicly and commercially available information and sensor data, and alert teams in real-time. SMX brings an elite set of industry partners and capabilities to empower clients with a wide and deep view of targets, that allows for immediate distribution of information to tip and cue assets. Our non-classified, analytic products are tailored to each customer’s needs and are partner nation shareable, directly addressing critical intelligence gaps.

SMX’s new acquisition and delivery approach is designed around outcomes and offers a flexible services-based model. “Elevate ISR is tailored around mission-partners’ needs and assists by providing a single ecosystem with cross agency enterprise capability in a dynamic national security environment,” commented Dana Dewey, President, Mission Solutions at SMX. He continued, “Based on the power of SMX’s digital transformation expertise and our industry partnerships, this groundbreaking commercial data platform combined with innovative analytical tradecraft enables speed to insight, significantly reducing decision timelines.”

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