Parraid Engineering Research Firm Blossoms From Smartronix

HOLLYWOOD, MD – (9 December 2019)  — The founders of Smartronix Inc. have formed a new engineering firm located within the Smartronix corporate facility in Hollywood. As of December 9, what was previously known as the products engineering business unit of Smartronix became Parraid LLC.

“We are excited to get underway with our new venture, Parraid LLC. Products engineering had always been a foundational element of our portfolio at Smartronix, so establishing Parraid will enable us to concentrate solely on electronics development and production,” said Arshed Javaid, president of Parraid.

“That’s right,” added Alan Parris, Parraid’s executive vice president for engineering. “We always wanted to concentrate more on new product development, but information technology service opportunities were the main drivers of Smartronix’s explosive growth over the years. Parraid represents a return to our roots in electronic systems design and production.”

Smartronix will continue to be led by CEO John Parris, who said, “I’m very bullish about the future of both Smartronix and Parraid. The outlook for these companies is absolutely terrific.”

Parraid LLC is an accomplished precision electronics engineering solutions provider, specializing in telemetry data systems and tactically oriented mission-critical communications products. Anchored by a solid corporate lineage, Parraid’s established product lines trace back nearly 30 years. Its engineers and technicians focus on modern electronic systems design, embedded processor-based design, mechanical engineering and packaging, multi-layer printed circuit board design, real-time and embedded programming, rapid prototyping and product development.

The Parraid research and development laboratory and engineering production facility in Hollywood includes approximately 30,000 square feet of dedicated space to support the latest in mission-critical, rapidly deployed, electronic products and systems integration requirements. Parraid’s product lines contribute to the missions of its U.S. government, international and commercial customers.

About Parraid, LLC

Parraid is wholly devoted to design, engineering, sales, and support of telemetry data systems and tactically oriented mission-critical communications solutions.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Parraid has extensive and in-depth experience in developing a range of product lines and integrated systems that meet the critical needs and demands of highly advanced aerospace industry programs, first responder and tactical-edge communications and readiness in force requirements (land, air, sea), as well as a commercial line of smart tools for IT professionals that enhance existing computer resources and simplify network testing and monitoring.

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