FAST Program for Cloud Modernization


The Low-Risk Strategy to Transform, Modernize, and Cloud-Enable Your Business

Modernization is more than simply moving your infrastructure and apps into the cloud. Success is measured on your ability to leverage technological and organizational change to innovate faster, engage with customers more effectively, and operate more efficiently.

The SMX FAST (Foundational, Agile, Strategic Transformation) Program creates a detailed roadmap for your business and digital transformation. Using Agile best practices and a modular approach, we’ll tailor a solution based on where you are in your transformation journey. FAST identifies both the technical and the organizational challenges to eliminate silos, conflicting technologies, and long-standing pain points.

To compete in a rapidly-shifting world, it’s crucial to deliver superior customer and user experiences and empower innovative thinking. Achieving these outcomes starts with a modern, cloud-first approach that sets you up for long-term success.

The FAST Program’s Three Stage Approach for Proven Results


Our experts work with your team to clarify your business problems and strategic objectives. Wherever you are in your business and technology transformation process, we’ll collaborate with you to create a vision and a set of core guiding principles. SMX helps ensure the right business objectives and operational requirements are addressed throughout the process.


We’ll perform a detailed, enterprise-level gap analysis to determine where technology and process changes are needed to execute the strategy. We also review your organizational challenges to develop a comprehensive change management program. In addition, we’ll help you build a team to establish and execute the cloud strategy, updated governance, and best practices that will transform the business.


To build on your redefined strategy, SMX creates an integrated plan that includes a transformation roadmap, foundational architecture, and operations framework. We’ll prioritize the recommended initiatives based on value, dependencies, complexity, and your timeline, for a complete strategy for success.

FAST for Managed Services

Wherever you are in terms of cloud maturity, your organization can benefit from transforming traditional IT operations into a modern, DevOps-oriented model.

With the SMX FAST Program, we deliver a high-confidence, low-risk strategy for evolving or migrating your business and technology stack to managed services, reducing the burden on internal IT teams.

As a result, you’re equipped with a strategy and a prioritized roadmap that enables you to offload undifferentiated heavy lifting to managed service providers, freeing your in-house IT experts to focus on delivering sustained performance.

SMX: Your Trusted Cloud Partner

We’ll help you minimize risk and disruption as you migrate to the cloud and grow your internal cloud expertise. The SMX team includes highly-trained AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform-certified cloud architects and data engineers as well as domain experts in a wide variety of highly regulated industries and government services.

With the SMX FAST Program, we apply a multi-stage process and best-of-breed technologies to help you leverage the cloud to its fullest potential—enabling you to quickly and confidently evolve or migrate business applications, workloads, or your entire organization to cloud-enabled services.




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